Started plumbing supply lines 8/22/2022

Got a good start tonight on the plumbing supply lines. Laundry, Master Bath, Main Bath are almost complete. I have the main feed for the 2nd floor hanging out upstairs. Now I need to figure out how to terminate all the ends. The only one I don't have started is the Kitchen. Also need to tie into the main line from the road, and run a feed for the water heater. So far, it's been a lot easier than the drain system or electrical.

Note: I was going to run everything under the house, but changed my mind for a few reasons:

  1. It is going to be difficult to insulate around the drain system / ventilation; I don't need to make it more complicated with the water lines running everywhere.
  2. I'm concerned about freezing pipes. Pex is less susceptible to freezing than any other type of pipe, but can still split at 20 degrees, and we do get those temps occasionally. Rather than lie awake at night worrying about it, better to just keep everything above the crawlspace and away from cold air.

Now the kitchen is the only line I can't run inside the house, so I'm going to run it underneath, but keep it extremely close to the subfloor, insulate it like crazy, and keep the "under the house" portion of the run to a minimum (like 6' max).