Started Drain System

Drilled the first hole for the drain line. Learning a whole new dictionary of plumbing terms. I guess it's called a sewer line when it finally gets close to the sewer. Under the house, it's called a Main Drain Line. The whole drainage system for the house is called a DWV, which is short for "Drain, Waste, Vent". I guess no one likes to say "poop". :) I finally got hold of a hard copy of a plumbing manual that details how it all works together - and it's complicated. I spent over an hour at Lowe's, laying out parts on the floor for just one bathroom. I'm starting at the highest point of the system on the first floor where the main drain attaches to the first "fixture", which happens to be a toilet. Standard code seems to be that this pipe should "fall" at a rate of 1/4" per foot. So every 4', it is 1" lower, until it reaches the perimeter of the foundation, at which point it takes a 45 degree dive into the ground and goes 200 more feet to the road where it connects to the city sewer system.

For the master bath, there is a sink, shower and toilet. Just the parts that connect all of them into the main line cost $299. The main toilet sweep (called a wye) was $50 by itself for a 4" pvc pipe. But I got a good start on it, and temporarily hung the 4" drain pipe under the house - I got the wrong straps, so back to Lowe's.... But it is progress in the right direction.