Socks for a pattern 3/4/2023

I meant to make a pattern to sell from the last fine pair of socks I made, but I forgot to take enough pictures as I went along, so I have to remedy that problem.

I found this neat self-striping yarn on an etsy store, and figured I needed a new color to go with my brown shoes. I think this color will do. My ADD got bored with the "iron soot" socks, since it was all the same color all the time. Self striping gives you something to look forward to (the next color) while you are knitting. At least for me...

Made on 000 needles, 8 st/in, 24 st to start on the toe, expanding to 72 st for the foot. Yarn is Paton's Kroy Socks, "super fine", 75% wool, 25% Nylon. You need the nylon to keep it from wearing from friction in your boot all day. Or I guess you could do bamboo, if you wanted to keep it "all natural".