Dining room chandelier test:

My wife picked out this chandelier at Habitat for Humanity for $45. The lampshades were originally turned up, but while I was still chinking last fall, I guess every ladybug in our town decided our cabin was the place to hang out over the winter. There are literally thousands of them coming out of hibernation now. I've sucked up as many as I can find with the vacuum and released them outside. I decided I didn't like the thought of dust and ladybugs accumulating in the upturned lampshades, so I turned them upside down. My wife approves!

Also, I love the way the light gives a warm glow to the logs - this is where we'll eat meals, do homework, dream about next year's garden, and plan our next big thing.

Yes, the stove works. The door was open for this photo because a blue bird (not a "bluebird") had just come down the chimney and got stuck inside the stove, causing the dog much anxiety (prior to this, he thought only fire was kept inside the stove). I got the bird out safely. Need to screen in the cap on the roof, I guess....

Yes, eventually I'll close in the pantry after we get the electrical inspected. Note also the homemade welded joist brackets, the homemade door, the homemade brick hearth. The ideal location for wiring is in between the logs - you can see some of it above the curtained window. The electrical wiring will then be covered over with more insulation, and then chinked with a mortar chink.

The kitchen sink will be below the window with no curtain over it.