Main Electrical panel

Got the main panel hung, realized I don't have all the right NEC required breakers, so spent some time fine tuning the kitchen outlets - added a switch to control the disposal. I'm temporarily labelling the breaker locations with masking tape to see if they make sense - that'll be removed later and be replaced with labeling on the door.

For the requirements, my city follows the 2002 NEC requirements, which require AFCI circuits in all the bedrooms, and GFCI outlets in the kitchen counters and outside. 20 amp circuits (12 ga wiring) required for kitchen and bath. I read on a forum where people were complaining about having to run a single circuit just for the microwave - 'why can't we run some of the outlets off the microwave / fridge circuit?', they wondered. Well, living in a house right now where a breaker trips if you use the microwave & toaster oven at the same time tells me the answer to that question. I bought a 15 amp AFCI breaker off ebay for $20 for the bedrooms ($45 at home depot), and two 20 amp AFCI breakers for $25 ($50 at the store). Still need to get the GFCI's for the countertops and bathrooms, but I'm researching my options for now. I'll paint some window / door frames while I wait for shipping.

Anyway, the plan with the breaker panel is to make it as neat as possible. I'm reserving 80 amps at the bottom for a future run to the garage for welding equipment, table saw, and other high-draw tools. Solar will be installed after the garage is finished - I'll open the wall up to add that all in later. Don't need to complicate things unnecessarily before the inspection... :)