Finished a door frame

I think the door frames are finally dry enough to seal. I sanded the weather and dirt off the front door frame, then bought some water based "Poly" (Acrylic), and slathered it on today. I really like how it turned out. For comparison, the other one is the side door - it still needs to be sanded and poly'ed. The finished one looked just like this one a week ago. We chose water based poly because we read that it is better for UV protection than the oil based poly. And I don't like the smell of the oil based poly. For the un-initiated: I made the doors and the frames - the doors from lumber, the frames from a couple trees on my property - one that was too close to the house and had to come down. Milled them into 4"x16" slabs, then lag screwed them with 1/2" lags. Cut holes in the logs and installed the frames with pulleys (the door frames weighed around 500 lbs when I installed them. But the wood was green at the time, so I had to wait for it to dry a bit before I could clear coat them.