Porch lights:

Converging on the right way to do things is a skill. I had initially thought, "where do people install porch lights? Should they be directly in the middle over the door, or on the hinge side, or on the latch side? Is there a particular height you're supposed to set them? But running wiring the past few weeks - you learn to hate running any more wiring than you absolutely have to. No one runs wiring for fun. So that's what I mean by converging: I "converged" on the right location for porch lights: as close to the switch, but still high enough to pass inspection as possible.

With a log cabin, the inside wall is also the outside wall - it's a log. My hope was to drill a hole from the inside that will eventually be covered over with chink - and at an angle that would have the hole end up somewhat in the middle of the log on the outside. It wasn't too hard.

The other photo shows the detail of the hole - meant to house the junction box and the wire connections. Can you guess how I made it? yes: with a spade bit and then a chisel to clean up the edges.