Wool socks with new ribbing design

Ribbing detail:

I had an old leftover skein of sweater wool (100% worsted wool), so I thought I would make another pair of survival socks.

The ribbing pattern I came up with should fit the ankle better - from the heel of your foot, the foot is larger than the ankle, so I left that part of the sock leg wider. Then, the sock should get skinnier for the ankle - thus the 2x2 ribbing; then I went back to the 2x8 ribbing for the leg. I finish it off with 1x1 ribbing for the cuff of the sock. I also came up with having the bottom ribbing and the top stop and start with a little overlap in the middle. Gives it a cool look, I think.

I just wish I had a bit more yarn in this skein - I think the cuff should have been at least 2" long. Anyway, they'll do.