Where to live

Saw this car in front of me at a red light yesterday. I thought this pretty much sums up why to not live in the city. We started making plans to "escape" in 2012, after the election. We finally realized that at least half the country (if that election was honest) no longer had any kind of work ethic or morals. The American ideals were dead, and trying to convince people otherwise was fruitless. Our energy would be better spent improving our own condition, rather than continue to try to warn others of the consequences of their poor choices.

With debt in the trillions, and the dollar losing ground daily, and congress and the president and everyone else not being able to put Humpty back together again - It's going to collapse. It must because it can't continue this way. Today? no. Next week? no. This year? probably not. Next 5 years? ok, maybe. It's coming, and no one knows what it will look like, but there is definitely going to be pain and suffering. Our money is only as good as the trust people have in the government - they say "backed by the full faith and credit of the United Sates", but what if faith and credit go away? Well, gas goes to $8 gallon, for one thing. Diesel is going to price most truckers out of the market - you are going to end up paying more for everything that comes on a truck. Which is everything - food, appliances, cars, fuel, clothes, shoes, tools. When people stop spending and flying places, demand for "things" is going to collapse. Layoffs will necessarily take place. You might not have much to celebrate with, come July 4th.

Not that I liked Trump all that much, but at least I felt like we had some time to keep preparing while the media was having convulsions over his twitter statements. That was entertaining. I was hoping for a 2nd Trump term, but the powers that be felt otherwise. There's no way the current occupant of the White House won that election. I'm not sure how you can look at that election in any other way. Polls show that most folks agree. And there is plenty of evidence, no matter what officials tell you from behind 12 foot riot fences inside the Capitol, surrounded by armed guards with weapons that they want to take away from you... But what do you do about it?

Well, for one thing: declare your independence. No, the "sovereign man" thing doesn't work - they will lock you up just like everyone else. Declare your independence from the banks, from debt, from "the system" as much as possible. Pay off your debts. Car, house, credit cards, etc. Your debt can be used to enslave you (debt is already slavery, but that's a different story). City is going to be hard if trucks don't deliver food and fuel to the cities. Not like you can instantly grow enough to feed yourself on your 1/4 acre piece of the American Dream, right? With a dwindling supply of goods in the city, looting and robbery, i.e. "Bag Snatchers" - will become common.

I don't want to be a part of it anymore. Live and let live, but leave me out of it.