What drywall will look like 8/18/2022

My wife really wants to see what the kitchen cabinets will look like - at least the upper cabinets. So I picked a wall with no electrical in it, and carved out a shelf (had to cut the log back so the cabinets will be inline with the window / lower cabinets), and scribed and installed a piece of drywall tonight.

I got good at scribing when I installed the subfloor, so even though I forgot to dig out my drywall tools (hole saw, razor blade, etc.), I was still able to get a pretty good fit with this piece. I'll need to chink it and mud it to close up those 1/4" gaps, but it'll do. I'll have to wait on the rest because every wall seems to have electrical in it, and I'm required to leave it visible for the inspector until I get the okay to close it up.

So it's a good taste of what's to come....