Washer hook up and drain 1/20/23

It's not much, but it's still progress. In our current home built in the 1960's, they just framed in a box for the washer faucets and left it open to the crawlspace below. The rats love it, and we hate the rats. I put some metal mesh in there and spray foamed it, but the rats tore through it anyway. There's not a good way to fix it unless I tear out the wall and add a housing for the faucets and drains.

For the cabin, I kept seeing this utility housing box at the hardware store for $40, but kept thinking there had to be a better cheaper way. There's really not - at least not one that isn't time consuming. I finally broke down yesterday and paid the $40 for this box and installed it, and I love it. The instructions are a bit sparse, but I figured it out. The faucets are solidly in place, there's no air gaps, even the drain fits neatly inside a coupler. It's nailed securely to the surrounding framing, and comes with a nice cover plate that snaps into place. Connecting the faucets to the pex was a breeze - I just cut the pex to length and used my compression crimper to secure everything.

Happy with how it turned out.

Those other Pex lines in the picture will feed the shower.