Trenches filled in 11/11/2022

I hired this guy a month ago to dig my trenches for sewer and power lines. He said $100 to come back and fill it in. Can't beat that price, and it was worth it to my back, so there he was today filling it all back in.

I still need to install the pedestal for the power line. I was waiting for a "meter base" that I bought to ship, and it was on the porch tonight when I got home. So now I just need a few more parts like some cross-bracing for the pedestal, some concrete for the uprights, and some conduit to the power pole.

I also need to figure out how this whole set up should be grounded. I think if the meter was right outside the door, I could get away with copper rods right there grounding the whole system, but I think the inspector may want to see a little more of a robust grounding system - I might have to buy the grounding kit for my breaker box. We'll have to see.

Oh - all the sand - I bought another 4 tons of sand. I used a few hundred pounds to level the sewer pipe - didn't need much, the slope was nearly perfect. The rest is for chinking the inside of the cabin.