Super Kalona Milk

Alternate title: government control

At the grocery store again, buying the milk I always buy....different cashier today:
  • cashier: 6 bottles of milk? I have to ask - are you a big milk drinker?
  • me: yes. This is the only place that sells this milk. and this milk is the closest thing to raw milk that you can legally buy from a store.
  • weirdo normie lady gets in line behind me, cashier continues conversation
  • cashier: Have you tried raw?
  • me: yes, of course. Just can't find a good supplier here, after my old one moved to Florida.
  • cashier: when I lived in Colorado, there was a store that sold pasteurized eggs - you only had to cook them for 10 seconds- I loved them like that. But I feel like the restriction on raw milk is more about government control than safety.
  • me: Bingo. Humans survived for thousands of years on raw cow milk, and all the sudden in the 1930's, after the fake scientist Pasteur wants to kill all microbes that don't speak French, the government decides raw milk is too dangerous?
  • weirdo normie lady: well, people forgot how to take care of cows, so the government had to come in and regulate the industry.
  • me: I don't think so.

And that's the state of our education system in this country.

If you really think about Cow Milk....

  • humans really did survive for thousands of years on raw milk. It's one of the most mentioned foods in the Bible.
  • All the cases of "milk poisoning" were due to sloppy hygiene - why not fix those farms? Weirdo normie lady: "no, we need a one size fits all solution from the government!"
  • but why take the risk with raw milk? Well, you take more of a risk by eating deli meat or at any buffet style restaurant, so why risk that? Yet we do...It's called "conditioning": you've been conditioned to think that raw milk "is the devil", but you haven't been conditioned to think the same thing about deli meat. Why not? short answer: lobbying.
  • many states are considering allowing legal marijuana farms. But those same states are not considering legal raw milk - why? Lobbying. In a free market, you could buy whatever you want. yes, even a tank. Obviously, we don't have a free market. It's not the government's job to prevent you from doing what you want if what you want isn't harming anyone else. Their only real job (arguably) is to ensure commerce across state lines (interstate roads), and defend our borders. I give them an F on both of those.

Benefits of raw milk:

  • reduction of allergies
  • reduced arthritis
  • reduced asthma
  • reduced diabetes
  • weight loss (conjugated linoleic acid). Having more fat in your diet makes you feel fuller for longer. The fat free diet craze hasn't made Americans skinny. If you don't believe me, just visit any grocery store and look at what fat people put in their carts vs skinny people. fat people = chips, "diet" soda, margarine, "cholesterol free" oil, basically "fat free" everything. Skinny people = steak, butter, whole milk, cheese, fruits & veggies.

I blame it on the food pyramid, which tells you grains ("chips") are overly good for you, and meat or milk with fat in it is "bad for you". Following this advice, the USA is now sporting the largest waistlines on the planet. Good job, USDA, good job....