Star of David okra

We thought all okra was the same - except for "spiny" and "spineless". My wife picked up a packet of seeds from Dollar General a few months ago, and we planted them. They started flowering a few weeks ago. I brought home what I thought was a really odd shaped (read: "fat") okra. But then we kept weeding and waiting for more. Yesterday, while weeding, I happened to look at the okra closer - and saw huge okra fruit on them - about 6 or 7 of them. When you've only ever seen the small kind, seeing a freakishly huge okra fruit is a bit disturbing.

But we decided to try them anyway. I broiled some, and my wife boiled some, and sauteed some.... And it was delicious! The best okra I've ever tasted - not too slimy. And the sauteed version - my daughter gobbled it up! So tonight we decided: this will be the only okra we plant from now on.