Stair Handrail Concept 8/10/2022

Got bored at church (oops), ended up drawing a concept for my handrails for the stairs. The handrail for the stairs will be close to 2.5" x 2x5" by x-feet long. I really hate how the ones you buy at the store are meant to be "butt screwed" into the post. Eventually, these kind of connections fail or come loose. Screws and fine woodworking don't really go together, IMO. At least not for structural components. My idea is to install these posts (5"x5" oak) on the stair stringers, then cut this channel at an angle in the middle of the post, drop the handrail into the slot, then glue a matching wedge over the top of the handrail, and then cap it off with a top piece. I could continue this idea along the balcony railing as well.

The posts will most likely have a notch cut into them, set down on top of the stringer, with a 2" "foot-piece" hanging over and bolted to the stair stringers. Since the stringers are 3" wide, and the posts are 5" wide, this means I'll have a 2" foot piece to connect to the stringers. Probably will just bolt it to the side of the stringer.

Still trying to talk my wife into letting me use a 6x6 post for the bottom of the stairs.... :)