Stair Posts

Red Oak 5"x5" posts. Yeah, they don't look like much at this point (unless you know what you are looking at - then you say: "Wow! I love that grain!"), but at least I got them milled. And yes, they are pretty dirty. They clean up nice, though. They've been sitting as a log in my log pile for over a year now, waiting for me to get to them. I finally dragged the chunk of log over to my mill last night in 99 degree weather (with all that lovely Southern humidity helping me out), and found I could cut it into 5"x5" chunks. It made 4 of them here in this picture. I think I only need 2-3 of them, so I'll pick the best ones. These are different from the balusters that will go around the balcony which are only 4"x4" posts - they need to be an inch bigger so they can sit on top of the 3" stair stringers with 2" overhang and bolt to the side of the stair stringers. The vertical supports will be leftover rebar.

I still need to make handrails, but I'll get to it.