Posts and a temporary handrail

This was back on 9/22/22, but I guess I never posted it. Set up these guardrails with some extra 2x4's I had and some clamps just to see how it will look. And then started seriously thinking about actually using 2x4's for the guard rails. It would save me about a month's worth of work.

I have some oak slabs drying out back that I'd like to use, but I originally milled them into 5 foot lengths, not knowing how far apart the posts were going to be. At the time, I figured I would use some joinery to make them longer - and I could still do that - but my wife really likes the idea of the joinery happening at each post, instead of somewhere in the middle of the rail. I think she's right.

When you see this joint:

and the simple genius of how to make it: should get really excited. At least I did.

Anyway, I'm not sure what we're going to do at this point, lots to think about....