Planting Bananas

We eat a lot of bananas - mostly because we freeze them and throw them in a smoothie and have popcorn along with them. We looked into growing our own bananas, but everyone said you need a greenhouse for our area. They grow 10-14' tall, so a greenhouse that tall seemed out of the question for now. We are in hardiness zone 7, so it gets cold (into the 20's sometimes). Last year, I saw my neighbor planting one, so I went over to talk to him about it, and he said sure, they grow, but they don't produce. I've been looking for all kinds of stuff on the classified ads, and I saw a couple ads recently for bananas, so I messaged one - she said she's been growing them for a few years, and she gets regular sized bananas that taste good. She doesn't cover them - just cuts down the stalk in the fall, and they grow back in the spring. I was intrigued. So I drove out there today to take a look and found out her husband is somewhat of an expert - he's from Jamaica. I ended up coming home with 4 banana plants / trees, and planted them out at the cabin this evening.