Pantry Door complete 1/15/2023

I finally got the drywall finished around this door - at least on the outside of it. I guess I wasn't careful enough when installing the frame because the frame wasn't exactly plumb. Actually, I messed up by about 1/2" when I originally installed the frame. The idea was that the cabinets would fit perfectly in the space between the window and the wall of this pantry, but I forgot to add 1/2" for drywall. When I moved the frame, I guess I misaligned it. Anyway, when I got the door installed, the bottom corner of the door stuck out about 1/2". It looked bad. I couldn't figure it out - I thought the door was warped until I put my 4' level up against the frame.

So I had to take the drywall off (luckily it hadn't been mudded), cut off the nails on the left side of the framed wall, move it into being plumb, then re-attach everything. Now the door shuts with a whisper, and it's ready for mud and paint.

I'm carefully checking all the other doors. Yes, those are 9' ceilings (8' to the bottom of the beams). And yes, HGTV, those are real 4x12 beams: no "faux wood beams" in my kitchen. :)