One Bedroom Chinked, inside and out 11/14/2022

Got one bedroom fully chinked. Trying to hold myself back from throwing up some drywall and installing the floor - we are going to wait until I get the electrical and the HVAC installed. And THEN we are going to get the floor and walls in for this bedroom. It would be nice to have one room fully finished.

For the un-initiated, the chinking is traditional mortar chink, made from sand, lime, and mortar. The gaps between the logs are first stuffed with insulation, then nails are installed every few inches, and the chinking is applied over the nails. Chinking won't normally stick to wood and will eventually crack and fall out if done this way. But it loves to stick to nails, and will remain in place basically forever if applied in this manner. That fake silicone-based chinking is actually bad for logs (not to mention as pricey as gold). Water can get behind it and become trapped, causing the logs to rot. Traditional mortar chinking breathes just like the log does. If water gets behind the mortar chinking, the chinking will actually let the water pass through or evaporate. But water should never get in your logs because of your huge roof overhangs, right? right....

The other rooms aren't far behind though, but I do need to wait - the polar vortex is upon us, and we are in the upper 20's at night, which isn't great for chinking. So I'm working on other stuff.

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