My neighbor is making a countertop 2/18/2023

For his son's kitchen. He took these 2x6x8's and shaved off the rounded edge from the mill - just a tiny amount at a time. Kept tightening the fence on the table saw to help get any warp out of the boards. Here they are with pipe clamps loosely attached. Next he will use a biscuit joiner to mate each board to its neighbor. This is how he'll get a flat surface on top. He'll level the whole thing, and then glue it all together, then clamp it down tight. He's going to add a backsplash, then sand and smooth it. They are planning on pouring epoxy over it to seal it. His son is going to cut out a hole for the sink after this is all done, and that'll be it.

Ours will be very similar, but without so much grain (we hope). Going to try to do it with some oak I milled last spring.