More Socks

I'm a sucker for socks. Was trying to decide between using the "00" needles to knit some socks with this new yarn, or using the "000". If you're not a knitter, 00 is really teeny tiny for a set of needles - thinner than toothpicks. 000 is even thinner - like knitting with wires. The glory of thin needles is that you get a really professional looking result. The bane of thin needles is it takes a long time to knit. I was going to create a pattern from these socks I'm about to knit, but we'll see. If I do create a pattern, it'll be posted on my Etsy store: MudflapCrafts .
Oh, the yarn - almost forgot - Hobby Lobby was having a 30% off sale on this beautiful "Iron Soot" 100% superwash merino wool - 400 yards is plenty enough to make a pair of socks. They sell it in hanks (grrr! I hate hanks!), so I spent the first hour making it into a ball.

Merino wool is probably the best wool for socks, and superwash wool is easy to care for - can toss it in the washer - they say you can wash it on warm, but I don't trust that, so cold it is. I also don't dry them, even though they say you can do that, too.