More Drywall 2/6/23

I'm about 80% complete on drywall. I have to do more in the bathrooms and the spaces between the 4x12's, but that's it for the rest of the house.

For this photo, I got tired of cutting little tiny pieces to fit in the spaces, so I thought I would try a big piece that fit in three spaces at the same time. You can see my drawing on the wall with all the dimensions. The hallway is now ready for mud. Onto the final bedroom, and then the laundry room.

That space isn't a concern, and neither is the part where that strip overhangs the piece below it - turns out, they now put a beveled edge on full sheets of drywall so you can hide your screws better, I guess.

Took the day off; dog got his first heartworm treatment today, and I had a dental appointment, so I worked for a few hours to get the hallway done.