Kitchen Cabinets Hung 10/29/22

I finished chinking the kitchen wall and stood back to admire my work, and then after that, I thought, "what should I do next?". After standing there for a good 30 seconds, I realized I don't need to wait for the chinking to dry to hang cabinets, so I set about to do that. Now, if I had a 10 foot pole, I could point it in any direction in my house and there'd be something to do, but these kitchen cabinets are kind of in the way, scattered here and there where we have room. And there's no reason NOT to hang them. Plus, we might finally get the soapstone people to take us seriously when we say, "we want to buy some soapstone".

Upper cabinets look the best when they are all lined up together - when the front faces and the bottoms are all in the same plane. It is hard to do that with logs, so I started my reference line on the drywall and stretched it across the kitchen, using the window to make sure I kept the line mostly parallel with the log wall. Once I was satisfied with where the bottom front of the cabinets would be, I dropped a plumb line down from the ceiling to figure out which logs stuck out too much, and which logs would need to be built up with a 2x4 frame to keep everything in line. Since the cabinets are exactly 12" deep, if a particular log was 12" from the plumb line, it didn't get notched. If it was further than 12", then I made sure that the cabinet + a 2x4 = 13.5". If it wasn't, I either notched it till it was, or added blocks behind the 2x4 to build up the log to make it 13.5". Also had to keep in mind that I wanted the cabinets plumb (straight up and down) while notching.

Eventually, I'll probably cover the gaps at the back of the panels with some kind of matching veneer so the gaps behind the cabinets stay mostly dust free.