I cheated the system and got lights 3/8/23

We just needed more light. Working in a small closet trying to chink with a 500 degree worklight burning your neck just isn't working. I bought a thick extension cord, cut off the plug, disconnected the hot and neutral from my breaker box, and stuffed the end of the extension cord in the lugs instead. The other end goes to the temporary power pole in the yard. It seems to work ok. I can run almost all the lights in the house - many of them are LED's in the closets. I put at least one bulb in every light fixture just to be sure they all work. I found out they don't all work - the stair lights and a closet light that is on the same circuit as the stairs, so I missed something somewhere. And my 3-way switches are all wrong - only one end of each of them work. So I think I got bad advice. I'll have to check my wiring and see where I went wrong.

But it's a good start.