First Ripe Blueberries of 2022

I didn't think the blueberries would be ready this early, but it's been in the high 90's all this week, with humidity in the 90's at times as well. My daughter found them, and at first I didn't believe her, but she gave me one to try and it was delicious. Soon, we were all out there - I think we probably picked about a cup's worth. Right around July 4th is when they are usually peaking, but they ripen a few at a time before that and after that - lasting into August. The garden is doing well, too - picked some peas, squash is putting on flowers; sweet potatoes started as just roots, and they all have a lot of leaves. And it's almost time to fertilize the corn again - "ankle high and knee high," as my neighbor Nelton used to say. We moved the okra around a bit, so it's still in shock, lol. Sorry. Tomatoes and beans doing well, but not pictured. Sunflowers had a hard start, but they are starting to get taller - maybe 8". And we have maybe a bag of apples, but still not ripe.