Finishing inside electrical 12/24/2022

I think the inspector has come out 4 times just for the electrical. It must be important. I almost got him to sign off on it so I could call the utilities company and have them give me some power, but right as the inspector was getting in his truck - his boot was actually on the nerf bar - I asked if I could go ahead and get it all hooked up so we could have power for Christmas -

"Nah....don't do that. I want you to put receptacles and switches in there first. Then I'll come back one more time to check everything. Then I'll let them know for you."

grr. I know he's just trying to be safe, but I was hoping for real electrical for Christmas. Then we had this "once in a generation" Arctic air mass swoop in the other night - dropped to temps I haven't seen since Utah - like 5 degrees. With the wind chill, it was -10 or less. I wasn't sure I should work in those temps, but the roads were dry, so I decided to go for it.

First day, the cabin was still 40 degrees, even though it was only 8 outside. Second day (today), it was 30, so darn. It doesn't hold heat all day and all night. I'm not done insulating, either. Still, I was able to get some wiring done. Just going to terminate all the receptacles and switches until they are all done.

Merry Christmas!

Notes about the photo: Handmade door, 4x16 door frames, 1/2" x 12" lag screws into the 24" diameter logs to hold the frame in place. Rebar spikes in logs (that's how the whole house is held together, then stuff insulation in the gaps (and wiring where needed). Chink over the gaps in the logs and the gaps in the door frame.