Final Sanding, and then Polycrylic

The final sanding before applying polycrylic. The treatments the logs have been through: peeling, borating (a few times, over months), stacking, power washing, buffing, sanding, another borate treatment, then staining (outside). They sat for a year or so out in the weather after being stacked while I put the roof on, so they got weathered again. That's what we're working on now: the final sanding to remove the gray weathering somewhat, then treat the inside of them with water based polycrylic. I also cut off a few of the most offending knots - the ones that will likely get in the way of furniture. Figured now was as good a time as any, since it's a poor month. We are paying as we go (no mortgage), so when funds get low, we do the cheap, time-consuming projects like sanding.

Here's a video of a few logs being sanded: