Electrical Pedestal started 11/18/2022

Wife took a picture of me. These two steel uprights are about 190 feet from the house. Yes, I'll cut that taller one down to size. I asked the engineer at the utilities company how they want this pedestal wired, and he sent me a drawing that is, for some reason, very difficult to follow. Looks simple enough on paper, but trying to make what I can buy at the hardware store match the drawing has been pretty difficult. Supply lines and stuff, I guess.

I made some progress today, though - got the utility side conduit (3" schedule 40 pvc in the ground). I couldn't mount the disconnect switch because my cross braces weren't long enough - two inches too short! I was trying to use the leftovers from the uprights. Ok, so I will go spend some more money. grr...

Then my bolts were too big. I bought smaller ones, but they ended up being too long, lol. Finally got the right bolts and attached the meter base. Then shoved the pvc up into it, and glued it all together back to the power pole. Then I started shoveling dirt into the trench. Neighbor saw me, and came over to offer his tractor to finish, and I couldn't turn him down.

Tomorrow's goal: get the disconnect switch mounted with conduit and wires sticking out.