Drywall nearly complete in one room

I'm waiting for a guy with the right tools to terminate my electrical at the road. I don't feel like a $100+ cable cutter is a tool I need to buy for one use. Meanwhile, I started drywalling one room - the easiest room in the house - no plumbing, one window, and a closet. Wife wants at least one room complete.

Folks tell me all the time "how I would do it" - they would put wood siding in the room. They hate any and all drywall. To me, I like the contrast of drywall up against logs. I really do "have enough wood" in this house - almost 300,000 lbs of wood. Adding more wood siding on the inside is like going to a buffet and loading up your plate with mashed potatoes, baked potatoes, and fries: too much of a good thing.

I got the drywall close to the logs by scribing it with a compass up against the logs. I'm going to try a method I saw online somewhere with cardboard to get the mud right up against the logs when we get to that point.