Drywall in Living room started 12/3/22

I thought they made drywall in 4x10 sheets but I didn't see any, so I'm going to keep going with the 4x8 sheets. I placed them horizontally this time - I like it better. Also, the height of this wall is a bit lower than 8'. This is because that girder log - the horizontal log holding up the 4x12 joists - takes up about a foot of space. That plus the joists means we really have 9' ceilings, if you don't count the rafters.

To scribe the log curve onto the upper wall board, I just set the drywall on the floor exactly under where I was going to install it, and then used a 4' level to mark on the drywall. Wherever the top of the level touched the log, I made a mark on the sheet at the bottom of the level - making sure the level was "level", of course. Then I connected the marks and cut it out with the saw. Got it really close on the first try.

Started in the middle of the wall because the two ends are not quite 24" spacing. made sense to use the biggest pieces of wall on the biggest gaps first, then go back and use scraps to fill in the smaller odd spaces. Also worked on the kitchen wall some.

It really changes the look of the place. And I am going to need the power turned on pretty quick - the drywall is making all the rooms dark.