Balcony Railing Prototype 11/5/2022

I was going to use some oak I milled early this year, but turns out it's not exactly long enough, so I would have to joint it, which might look weird. So for now (or maybe forever, who knows?), just going to be 2x4's cut to fit in between the vertical oak posts. Maybe after we move in and I get serious about a shop, I can revisit the oak idea. Pine will do for now.

The rebar is leftover 5' lengths from the cabin. For the balcony, it is about 8" too short to make two bars out of each piece. For the stair handrails, it is about 2" too short. But it's not a complete loss - the leftover pieces will be used to pin the garage logs together when I get to that point.

For now, I just spray painted them with flat black enamel. I need to take it apart now, sand and poly the wood, and give the rebar another coat of paint.