Another tiny win - 2nd floor tub


This was the scariest p-trap yet, because it has the potential to be visible in the finished home. I had to cut through the ceiling to make room for the 2nd floor bathtub drain, and then drill a 2" hold through a 4x12 support beam. This is the only 4x12 I have to drill through. I know the hole is small enough it won't affect the structural integrity of the house, but it is still scary to cut through it. Since the space was so tight on this side of the 4x12, I had to drill it from the other side. And since my hole saw can only cut a little at a time, I had to chisel out the debris a little at a time. Took a few hours to do all the work and get the fittings correct in 100 degree heat.

I was going to paint the p-trap black and leave it exposed (and I still could - this is still just a test fitting - nothing in this picture is glued yet), but after realizing I had to cut a 12" x 3" hole in the floor, there's not a really a way to hide the cuts in the floor. We are thinking of just putting a wooden cover over this part of the ceiling - like what I did to hide the wiring for the ceiling fan / dining room chandelier.

I still need to add a vent pipe to this p-trap, but that won't be too hard.