2nd floor bathroom framing

Started framing the 2nd floor bathroom wall tonight. I've been scratching my head on how to finish the upstairs walls. On the plans, we drew in 2 bedrooms, a bathroom, and a storage room. But from the 2nd floor to the peak of the roof is about 20 feet - that's a lot of framing to put in. I wasn't sure I wanted to put in 20 feet of drywall and leave all that open space above the bedrooms. But after a year of thinking, we figured it out. According to local city code, I'm not allowed to build a 3 story house. So I won't. yet. :) I have one more 4x12x20' beam from when I built the 2nd floor - I checked some span tables, and it looks like I can weld some heavy duty brackets to support about 19' of that beam between the center RPSL (Ridge Pole Support Log - that vertical log to the right of center in the pic) and the RPSL on the back wall (not shown). Then, according to the span tables - I can hang 20' x 2x12's @ 16" centers for the ceiling of the 2nd floor - and also the floor of the 3rd floor. So we'll frame in the ceiling/floor above the bedrooms, and put stairs in a closet going up to "an attic". But to pass inspection, the only thing I'll do is hang that 4x12 beam between the RPSL's on a welded bracket.

The 2x6 portion of this wall will enclose the 3" vent drain

We took a break the last 3 days because I had family in town. My brother-in-law owns an air conditioning business, and my sister thought he could come out and give me advice on how to do the vents for the AC. It turned into a mini-family reunion - my mom, two sisters, and my AC-guy bro-in-law. They've never seen the cabin in person - they live in Utah, and the cabin is here in Alabama. It was a fun time for all - took them around and showed them all the cool things in my town. Now we're back at it, hard at work!