2022 Garden

My neighbor does a garden almost every year. He always offers to till a spot for me in my yard, but I've been so busy with the cabin for the last few years that gardening has been haphazard at best. With all the food processing plants getting burned / hit by an airplane / exploding, and with the war with Russia making the raw ingredients for fertilizer scarce....well, growing a garden is an insurance policy. Not like it's going to 100% save us, but it is always good practice. He won't take payment, so I asked him if I could give him a pair of wool socks I make. So far, he's been over this spot 3 times - once with the disc, and twice with a rear-tine tiller. It is a tiny garden - just 20x20. I have yet to fence it in to keep the rabbits out of it.

I think (wife's kinda in charge of it this year) we are at least doing Okra, snow peas, pole beans, tomatoes, acorn squash, and I want to do sweet potatoes. Meanwhile, the blueberries have already blossomed along with the apples. Wild blackberries are....still wild. Not going to mess with them this year.

While I'd love to do a huge 100' garden, it's not time. The focus is: finish the cabin and move in this year.