More Drywall 2/6/23

I'm about 80% complete on drywall. I have to do more in the bathrooms and the spaces between the 4x12's, but that's it for the rest of the house.

For this photo, I got tired of cutting little tiny pieces to fit in the spaces, so I thought I would try a big piece that fit in three spaces at the same time. You can see my drawing on the wall with all the dimensions. The hallway is now ready for mud. Onto the final bedroom, and then the laundry room.

That space isn't a concern, and neither is the part where that strip overhangs the piece below it - turns out, they now put a beveled edge on full sheets of drywall so you can hide your screws better, I guess.

Took the day off; dog got his first heartworm treatment today, and I had a dental appointment, so I worked for a few hours to get the hallway done.

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Dog's first heartworm treatment 2/7/23

Yesterday, I took the dog in for his first heartworm treatment. We found out last year, I think, that he had heartworms, but spring and summer were approaching and we didn't have the $1000 or so for the treatment, so we had to save some money and wait.

This dog was a rescue - folks we got him from...well, they had a few other dogs, and this one bit the husband while he was "rough housing" with his wife. They think the dog must have thought he was attacking his wife for real. And I don't know what that means, but that's what they said. The husband - he had a wound on his leg from the bite that wouldn't heal and he has diabetes so that makes it even harder to heal. So we got this $500 well-trained pure-bred blue heeler with no records for $50. We don't think they "get him". Told us he doesn't like kids (he loves literally everyone), was highly protective of women (no, he likes to protect everyone), and of course the biting. He's never bitten me - well, "love bites" where he nibbles on my chin sometimes. I mean, he's a "heeler" - the point of this dog is to round up cattle without breaking their skin by clamping onto their hooves/legs. But he's not aggressive - just likes to snarl and growl in a happy way (we think) all the time. He'll growl when you pet him, growl when you look at him. He even growls and whines at people around us in their cars at the intersection during red lights. I suspect he's upset because they are not petting him.

He had no shot records, so we took him in for his first visit and they did a bunch of tests and he has heartworms. Since he is fairly young (5 yrs old), we wanted to get him some treatment. He doesn't have any symptoms of heartworms other than the fecal test was positive, so it must not be too bad - he's not coughing or wheezing or showing any lack of energy.

Anyway, he's worth it - $255 per treatment x 3. They have to sedate him to give him a shot in his spine, and then they keep him in a kennel at the vet for the rest of the day to watch for problems. He has to be leashed for the next three months - no killing squirrels or getting excited. Excitement can cause the dead/dying heartworms to come loose and then they can cause a blockage in the circulation system and possibly kill the dog. This is why we wanted to do the treatment in winter when he's less active.

They shaved his fur to do the treatment - poor thing - but it looks like he has blue skin. Weird.

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Nothing but drywall 02/13/2023

I'm getting really tired of doing the same thing over and over again. Feels like the drywall will never end. But yes, it will end. Just have to keep going. I'm getting really close, right as it is getting really annoying.

We had the inspector out about 6 weeks ago (here), thinking that I had done everything he required to get the power approved for hook up. He DID say to wire all the outlets, ground the disconnect box, and then he would approve the connection to the utilities. But when we came out in late December, suddenly, he didn't like the exposed wiring in between the logs. And he didn't think we were "30 days from moving in". While he was right about the second one, he never mentioned the first one before that day. So, what gives? I asked him.

The big problem, according to him, is that there's a risk that if he lets us have power now, we'll never call him for the final inspection.



Yes really. That's what he said. I was like, "um. You've been watching me build this thing for 6 years. Do you really think I'm some kind of a "flight risk"? I've poured literally blood into this project, and you think I'm just going to walk away 10 feet from the finish line? Seriously?" He claimed it's happened before. I was like, "why would anyone do that? They can't get an occupancy permit without a final inspection, but they have power - what are they doing - living there in secret?" He said they aren't living in those houses, they just walk away from them. And the city is left holding the bag. Bag of what, I don't know. How does it hurt the city more than the homeowner if they don't finish? Homeowner is the one paying the loan, right? Hundreds of thousands of $. City is only going to miss out of a couple hundred bucks of taxes every year - boo hoo! It doesn't make a lick of sense to me that this would happen enough that they have to make a rule for it. Nope.

But oh yes. So he wanted me to get within 30 days of finishing. To which I kindly explained "no can do." The manufacturer for the floors says the warranty is only valid if the flooring is installed in "conditioned space." And even then, you're supposed to let the floors "acclimatize" to the conditioned space for 2 weeks before you install it. So I'm supposed to get everything ready, turn on the power, wait 2 weeks for the floors to adjust, then I get 2 weeks to install 1600 sq ft of hardwood flooring, along with the tile that runs next to it, and then move in right after that?

Nope. So, we reached a compromise: I'll get the wiring hidden (by chinking in most places), get the bathrooms tiled, wired, and plumbing fixtures in place, along with the kitchen counters (which I still need to make), and all the drywall installed. Basically, I'll get it as done as I can without the power, then he'll let me have power and "bend the rules" on the 30 day limit for power, and let me take my time to finish the floors before the final inspection. I had one board upstairs that ran parallel to a log and it took me 3 days to get it to fit how I wanted. Some folks want to cover up mistakes with trim, but we want real quality, and that takes time, no matter who you hire. We have a lot of places where the hardwood flooring will run up parallel to a log, and we want it to really pop, and that will just have to go slow.

So, for now, I'm going to finish the drywall, completely. Inside and outside of all closets, spaces, hallways, bedrooms - the whole thing. Then move onto the HVAC system, which I can't seem to find ANY plenum here in Alabama for sale. The wholesalers won't sell it to me because I don't have a license. And I've been looking in the online classifieds for months for some used stuff - nobody in Alabama sells it. Must be a law against it or something. It's in every state around me - but I have to drive 2-3-10 hours to go get it. Met a few people at the hardware store that have licenses and will sell it to me, but I'm not ready to buy just yet.

And I need to finish the railing. But it's still too cold to paint the upright rebar pieces. And I don't feel like it's warm enough to chink just yet - still getting temps in the 20's, even though inside the cabin, it's never below 40. Sucks mixing that stuff up outside in the cold, so I'm going to wait a bit for some warmer weather.

Oh, the top photo - I came up with a plan for the drywall in between the ceiling joists:

  • two 4x8 drywall pieces installed on top of each other gets me within 3" of the joist (joists are 8'3" from the floor)
  • then a thin strip of 3" drywall with little tongues sticking up to meet the joist.
  • The space in between the bottom of the joist and the top of the large drywall pieces is a 2x4 that I need some space on for attaching the panels that go between the joists.

My part (installing the drywall) is the easy part. Wife's part is filling in the gaps and covering the joints. It is not fun at all, but she's doing an impressive job:

She fills the gaps between the drywall and the log with the hard powder mud that you mix yourself - can't even really sand it once it's in there, so she just uses it mostly as a base. Then comes back with the pre-mix stuff over the top, then spends hours sanding it and making it perfect as you can see here. Then she's going to paint it with a primer and then 2 coats of the finished color - filling in these meet-points with a small paint brush. Painter's tape won't work because the logs are just too bumpy (we already tried).

She's turning these free logs into a million dollar home, if you ask me. It's just outstanding what she's doing.

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My neighbor is making a countertop 2/18/2023

For his son's kitchen. He took these 2x6x8's and shaved off the rounded edge from the mill - just a tiny amount at a time. Kept tightening the fence on the table saw to help get any warp out of the boards. Here they are with pipe clamps loosely attached. Next he will use a biscuit joiner to mate each board to its neighbor. This is how he'll get a flat surface on top. He'll level the whole thing, and then glue it all together, then clamp it down tight. He's going to add a backsplash, then sand and smooth it. They are planning on pouring epoxy over it to seal it. His son is going to cut out a hole for the sink after this is all done, and that'll be it.

Ours will be very similar, but without so much grain (we hope). Going to try to do it with some oak I milled last spring.

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Wool socks with new ribbing design

Ribbing detail:

I had an old leftover skein of sweater wool (100% worsted wool), so I thought I would make another pair of survival socks.

The ribbing pattern I came up with should fit the ankle better - from the heel of your foot, the foot is larger than the ankle, so I left that part of the sock leg wider. Then, the sock should get skinnier for the ankle - thus the 2x2 ribbing; then I went back to the 2x8 ribbing for the leg. I finish it off with 1x1 ribbing for the cuff of the sock. I also came up with having the bottom ribbing and the top stop and start with a little overlap in the middle. Gives it a cool look, I think.

I just wish I had a bit more yarn in this skein - I think the cuff should have been at least 2" long. Anyway, they'll do.

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Handrail is getting there 2/25/2023

This has been a long difficult process. I milled these posts out of some oak on my property and let it dry all spring and summer last year. Then I shaped them into these posts and bolted them to the 4x12 joists. Then the project got put on hold because the inspector led me to believe that if I finished wiring the receptacles, he'd let me turn on the power. Which led to drywallling the whole place, chinking the kitchen so I could install the cabinets so I could install the wiring, and running the entrance cable. Anyway, we still don't have power, lol.

But railing around the balcony is required for an occupancy permit (so we can move in), so I wanted to get these done before I move on to chinking the inside. Hope to get that done before it gets hot. Which will leave bathrooms, HVAC (at which point I can get the permanent power turned on), kitchen counters, then finish the floors. It could be just a matter of months till our move in date.

Interesting thing about installing them: the rebar is "no. 4" rebar (1/2"). The holes in the bottom rails are 1/2", but I found if I make the holes in the top rail 1/2", it's extremely difficult ("nearly impossible") to get the rail to attach to the rebar - just too much friction, I guess. Sure, I could winch strap the whole thing together before installing it between the posts, but then I have to use ugly screws into the posts to hold it in place. "Bottom rail first" means I can put screws into the floor through the rebar holes (before the rebar goes in). Then they are hidden. I bought a 9/16" bit and made the holes 1/16" bigger. Now the top rails mostly just fit on the rebar with little effort. But some of the rebar is just a tad loose in the top holes - so when you walk through the hallway, the rebar rattles. I pumped some silicone sealer in there, and we'll see how it holds up next week when it dries.

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